Reeya came to Cyprus in October 2014 at the age of 32. She was supplied with a domestic worker’s visa in order to work for a family. Unfortunately, limited options of employment and the eventual expiration of her work visa three years after her arrival led Reeya to IOM’s office for information provision and registration to the AVRR program. Due to lack of financial means and any private property back at home, part of the reintegration assistance she received concerned rent coverage and assistance for a driving course: she received rent assistance as she had no place to stay in Kathmandu, Nepal, an only child whose parents passed away, while she wanted to follow a driving course for professional purposes. In particular, she wanted to work in the local public transport system using electric/gas Tempo vehicles and therefore planned to learn to drive this kind of vehicle. In Nepal this type of driving provides an opportunity to women to earn income and it is also a safe profession.  
With a strong desire to start a new life in Nepal on her own and until she could become more financially stable, Reeya was able to complete her driving course successfully with the assistance of IOM and she received a driving certificate.
Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in Nepal, Reeya has not been able to find a job in driving public transport, however she appreciates IOM’s support and is looking forward to new opportunities as soon as the conditions allow, as she now has the certificate she needs.